Web fonts

I love fonts. Admitting the problem is step 1, right? I really am a font junkie. Fonts are fun and interesting and can say so much about the text behind the font. There are lots of free font sites (dafont.com, etc), but they often carry viruses and hidden licensing agreements. I used to use those free sites, but then I discovered Google Fonts. Google fonts handles the licensing and hosting (all open source), so they are royalty free fonts that you can use in your website or even download.

The site is fonts.google.com and this is what you see when you get there:


You can insert your own text to see exactly how it will look (to do this, click in the text box like where it says “All their equipment and instruments are alive” from the example above and enter your own text sample, then click Apply to all fonts



You can scroll through the fonts and pick the ones you like best (click the red + to add to your selection). After you have the fonts selected, you can either preview them, share them or download them (my favorite part). Only download them to your computer if you’re interested in creating local media (documents, presentations, logos, etc). To use them on a website, refer to the Getting Started guide here


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